Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tablet Goodies

So why didn't someone tell me pen tablets were so much fun?

Been experimenting with it for a few days. I can actually get better line quality than I thought I would. Sketching with it is really fantastic. Coloring with it is far better than using a mouse.


  1. Da' West has gone digital. What's next? Cats and dogs playing as one? The sun setting in the East? Moebius coming out with a new novel length comic? I guess it had to happen. I told Chuck not to let him out of the basement.

  2. Wow! James this is so cool!
    I really love the Fawn Fairchild one at the bottom. Are we to be getting some new pan-gea?
    I must go check out that tablet thing as I ink with a mouse and some days it can be bit of chore.

  3. Oh, inking with the tablet is really no different than using a regular pen or brush. Mouse inking is caveman inking ;-)

    Well, I have the Catina Pan-Gea story going right now (haven't posted a new page in a while due to a hang up on the scripting). And my pal Cyd is SUPPOSED to be penning a new Pan-Gea tale for me to draw. But other than that I'm sort of not in the Pan-Gea zone lately.

    Chuck said I could come out of the basement on the condition that I stop making oogly eyes at Pewfell's wife.

  4. Oogly eyes at Pewfell's wife is not allowed? Shit.

  5. Ugg! Man make fire and computer black lines with small rodent peripheral.

    I look forward to the new Pan-Gea stuff.