Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wood Elves

This one started off as a phone doodle. After I hung up, it spoke to me and begged to be tightened up a bit. Amongst several other projects I have going on at the moment, I'm still developing the world of `Tween. I'm hoping that, at some point in time, I'll sit down and browse through all these little sketches and find a story that is begging to be told. The little dude with the sword looks a lot like Perri from Elf `n Troll. It's probably not a coincidence. Elf `n Troll were born from many years of phone doodles. They're probably just part of my DNA now.

Is there such a thing as a DNA transfusion?

Play Nice.

1 comment:

  1. Too many projects, not enough time. These are a very cool couple. I wish my phone doodles were that coherent.