Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pewfell Volume 1, Book 1, Page 3

Pewfell the wizard and his wife Tina the Warrior Princess have had their Satyrday morning lie-in disturbed by a string of unwanted intrusions.

This first story was conceived and written quite recently by Adam Prosser, my erstwhile co-conspirator on the project. Adam didn’t actually get on board until somewhere early on in Volume 4, but he has contributed many strips to this newly revised version of Volume 1.


  1. Bish is one of my fave characters...well, next to Adam Prosser that is. :)

  2. I'm zany!

    By the way, for some reason this page is listed as having "Mature Content" on DeviantArt (but the others aren't). Huh?

  3. I wasn't sure if being sexually assaulted by a bedspread counted as mature or not. By DA's stated policy it seemed like it does.