Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Atland #207 - A Deal


  1. I'm putting my resume in for the next bubble bath attendant opening in Atland.

  2. No bath is complete without a guy in a turban...

    Reminds me of the time I went to a Turkish bath in Fez. The friend I went with (who incidentally is the same guy I modeled Bish after in the comic strip) was given a good scrubbing down with a strigil by a big bald eunuch.

    The eunuch kept squeaking at me and showing me all the skin he had scraped off my friend with his strigil. When we were done my friend's skin was red raw and he was bleeding in places.

    When we came to leave, the attendant wanted us to pay double, apparently because my friend had been so dirty. We ended up getting into a big row with all these old men in turbans and the eunuch squeaking at the top of his voice, waving his dirty strigl in our faces. Good times.

  3. Chuck...that is a disturbing story to a Kentucky lad. Thanks for sharing!

    And AP will have to wait in line because I put my resume in for bath attendant moons ago.

    ...ah, moons.