Sunday, October 5, 2008

ELF `n TROLL # 225


  1. You just had to have Perri reaching for Angus' thumb, dincha?


  2. Crap...I hit the James Van West "Daddy Nerve!"

  3. greetings~
    I just wanted to say I am a bad webcomic reader who never wrote to thank you for your strip before, but you can certainly count me among the "few" who have followed this strip for a year or more, and have always* enjoyed your art and your storytelling. You made a world big enough to tease us with many characters we may never hear from again, but want to. I look forward to the conclusion of this tale, and whatever new project you come up with.

    [*Being a HUGE Tarol Hunt fan also, I was a little irked at the goblins you made ;) but it's all good. they fit in your world. and they were still funny. ]

  4. Thank you. I appreciate the sentiments. As I, sort of, mentioned in my half-assed press release, I'll never rule out a return to this story; there's still a lot to be done with this.

    If my interpretation of the goblins irked you, my job was done. LOL

    Tarol has a pretty successful comic going there; folks should check it out.

    Thanks for the comment. :)