Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ELF `n TROLL # 230...The End.


  1. Ha ha, so Perri remains his same old self - that's a relief!

    Well, nicely wrapped up... but I can't help feeling that now there needs to be another book. The whole story arc feels like just the beginning of something bigger... but I guess ya gotta go where the readers are. Good job for sticking with it for so long. Now I'm looking forward to seeing more of your harder-edged stuff maybe...?

  2. see this is what happens when I pay attention to my job.
    Thank you so much for elf and troll. I'm going to make my kids by me a new set books for x-mas.

  3. Scott, thanks for giving my little comic here some attention when needed. You rock...oh yeah....the Gigcast rocks, as always.