Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pewfell: Live Online Chat this Saturday Afternoon.

This weekend I'm participating in a Live Online chat hosted by

I'll be discussing Pewfell, answering questions on the characters and world, how I make the strip and fantasy webcomics in general.

The event will take place in RPGLife's Live Chat Tavern, this Saturday, October 18th from 4pm until 6pm Pacific Standard Time (That's 7-9 pm Eastern, 12-2 am in the UK).

You might need to register for a free RPGLife account to get in, but otherwise simply point your browser to:

If you can, please do come by and participate as I've never done one of these before and it would be great to see some of you there.



  1. I'm excited! I'm there...popcorn, dancing girls and all!

  2. Dammit, I go AWOL for a little while and I miss this? Hell's bells.

    I hope it went well!

  3. I missed it. I'm a bad wizard. I deserve to be flogged.
    No, really, I do!

    Where's my mail order bride, Natasha!?
    `Tasha...I've been bad!!!