Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Band of Orcs

Personally my musical tastes tend to lean towards the fiddle and the harpsichord, but I thought some of the more degenerate of my fellow wizards might enjoy this:


  1. From Degenerate Wizard One:
    I dig the imagery as I do with all bands like this. The "Cookie Monster" vocals are lost one me and causes me fits of laughter when they start up. I doubt that's the reaction the genre is going for.

  2. These guys are in the tradition of GWAR, as far as looks go. But GWAR were more over-the-top.

    I used to despise Cookie Monster Vocals, but I sort of warmed up to that style with bands like Unearth, Amon Amarth, and some Killswitch Engage. It's hit and miss. You gotta acquire a taste for it first, then you can sort out the good from the bad. To the untrained ear it's all just a lot of slobbery noise, but when you get that feel for it you begin to appreciate the raw force these bands can drum up.

    Well...some of them anyway.

  3. These guys seem to be having fun -- both taking themselves seriously, and sending themselves up at the same time. I can't really judge the vocals, but the video is a valiant effort & I like the elf-girl slaves!