Thursday, October 30, 2008

A friend for charlie W.I.P.

Here is a piece i am working on. It is one of my smaller prints 13x19. I have most of the flats done and now i am starting the shadows I am really looking forward to finishing this one off soon.


A Friend for Charlie


  1. Conceptually, I love it. All the creatures are awesome designs. Design-wise, I'm not digging the layout. There's no balance -- just sort of jumbled. I'm sure the finished colors will help.


  2. Hmm, yes, I've been admiring the design of the fish, but I think Nate's right: there's not a strong enough focal point. Right now the focus is on the helmet, but the body gets lost as the lighter bubbles draw the eye upwards. I think it would be OK if the body was more brightly/lighter colored, but it also sort of seems that the main figure should be more fully centered on the page, or maybe more definitely placed to the right... perheaps instead of that boulder next to it, which seems to add to the distraction right now...
    Also, maybe either having the camera pan to the left a little, or just building the image out to the left a little bit more could help it a lot.

    But hey, I'm just rambling -- you know you're still the maestro!