Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Atland #217 - Trust

It's a plot mover. But I love being in situations like this one, where I can reveal something to the reader that the main characters are SO CLOSE to seeing, but don't. Like what's hanging from the tree branch in the last panel. If they had just seen that, Barry's suspicions might not have gotten the better of him...and the whole story might play out in a different way. It's evil, but it's fun.

I'm getting comfy drawing snow backgrounds again. In next week's episode I even worked out a MUCH faster way to add snowflakes than I had been using. Tell you all about it then.

Speaking of which, next week...Inky at the mercy of the enemies. (And a cool new creature!)



  1. You're going to make me wait a whole week for a snowflake tutorial? You bastard!

  2. Well, snowflakes are at a premium these days.

    But gods we love 'em, Nate.