Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Atland #237 - Captain Dagna

So "Captain Scar" finally has a real name! And lo and behold...she and Inky are acquainted. I don't suppose I have to re-tell the tale of Inky being a former spy for the dwarves. If you've been reading along, you already know that.

When Inky ends up facing off against just about any other "normal sized" character in ATLAND, I really have to put on my thinking cap. How would a little guy be able to come out on top when faced with superior brawn? His best defense is his sharp mind. I've always viewed Lily as the brains of our group, but Inky is infinitely more street-smart. And when talking doesn't work, we've already seen that Inky's great at the lethal sneak attack; cutting throats on more than one occasion.

This one's the last plot mover (AKA, "talky") episode before the balls-out finale battle starts in earnest.

Next week, we rejoin Bruce, Barry and Tad as they commence with the ass kicking.