Monday, June 22, 2009

Heavy Metal Movie: 2011

I don't think anyone has mentioned this on these boards which comes as a shock to me but, I'll remedy that. The new movie will be an anthology film much like the first movie. (Thank Moebius for that.) Here's some information on the new Heavy Metal movie due out in 2011. The info was pulled from the Heavy Metal Fan Page which is an awesome source of information and driven by my main man, Heavy Metal Scholar, Dave "Lostboy" Cail.

1. A $50 million budget 3D CG animated movie based on the magazine. This probably won't have any stories from the first 1981 movie, however like the first one, it will feature around seven or eight different stories. Each segment will be directed by a different person. The title to this movie hasn't been chosen yet. This current title is just a placeholder.
Release Date - Tentatively 2011 (as of May 14 2009), but currently still negotiating with studio(s) (as of May 12 2009). It was expected that there would be an official announcement with more details approximately before June 11 2009 (as of May 12 2009), but that date passed with no announcement. Expected to start production Summer 2009 (as of March 29 2009).
Main Crew:
Executive Producer - David Fincher and James Cameron
- Kevin Eastman and Tim Miller
- David Fincher (1 segment)
Director - James Cameron (1 segment)
Director - Zack Snyder (1 segment, a story that Kevin Eastman wrote)
Director - Gore Verbinski (1 segment)
Director - Mark Osborne (1 segment, a comedy with Jack Black)
Director - Tim Miller (1 segment)
Director - Jeff Fowler (1 segment)
Director - Kevin Eastman (tentatively 1 segment)
Director - Guillermo del Toro (tentatively 1 segment)
Director - Rob Zombie (tentatively 1 segment)
Writer - Marc Laidlaw (1 segment)
Writer - Steve Niles (1 segment)
Writer - Joe Haldeman (1 segment)
Writer - Neal Asher (1 segment)
Writer - Kevin Eastman (1 segment, a story that Zack Snyder will direct)
? - Jack Black (a comedy segment that Mark Osborne will direct. No details on how he's involved, but most likely will be an actor)
? - Jhonen Vasquez (no details on how he's involved, but most likely will be a writer)

That's pretty impressive. I hope it's as good as it looks on paper.
I'm praying for a Drunna or Lorna segment.
Check out Lostboy's Heavy Metal Fan Page. This thing is loaded to the hilt with all the info you'll ever need, including cover scans, news, info on Metal Hurlant, Epic Illustrated and tons more. You may even find a few desktop wallpaper's by your's truly. A bit dated but they're still cool.

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