Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Atland #239 - Paint The Snow

I was excited about drawing this one. I think it shows. Finally, after years of Barry being hounded by the memory of his conquered homeland, he's starting to get some payback. I've been waiting for this for over three years and I finally get to draw it.

In the script, I didn't plan out the actual fight in the middle of the page. I just let my mind wander and drew what I thought would be cool.

Remember last week I told you I goofed and painted some dwarf blood green instead of orange? The panel where Barry yells about painting the snow orange is what made me slap my forehead and realize I had to go back and change the episode.

Next week, we rejoin Bruce, Tad and...General Bron...

In other news, Atland Book 9 is off to the printer!

And in other, other news, I' ve been invited to tour the DC Comics offices in New York City this Friday. Road trip!