Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Atland #249 - Tad

Thus ends the 3-parter, "The Death of Bruce". This was a sad one to draw.

Barry & Inky have arrived too late to help their friend.

Originally, panel 3 didn't have the potatomen in it. I intended it as a private moment between Barry, Inky & Tad. But after some thought, I drew in the potatomen assembling behind them and faded them into the background a bit -- as if they were an honor guard for the deceased. I imagine most of the fighting on the bluff (and in the battle in general) is over and they just realized what happened and have begun assembling to support Tad, their brave general in his moment of loss.

Next week, episode 250!!! (Jeez, I thought Season 1 would be over by now!) Can Tad handle the responsibility that Barry & Inky as of him?

In other news:

- The website resizing is complete! Same old design, only BIGGER! Enjoy.

- I've hired Jason Embury ( ) to guest-color some episodes of Season 2. And I just sent him the FIRST completed episode!