Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Atland #250 - Finishing the Job

250 episodes!!!! Woo hoo!

There was no clean and easy way to do this. The fact is, Barry and Inky have to get moving if they want to save Lily. I didn't want them to seem uncaring, but they've already lost one friend...they don't want to lose another.

Luckily, they have Tad and the Potatomen to continue the battle above ground. It's a valuable lesson for Tad as well. In the middle of a crisis, you can't freeze up or slow down. If you don't keep fighting, you lose, no matter what you've already lost.

Astute readers will note that Tad has retrieved Bruce's axe.

In other news, I have officially drawn THREE episodes for Season 2. I’ve also hired Jason Embury to color a 5-episode flashback scene. He just showed me the first finished page and it’s wicked cool.

Next week, we rejoin Lily & Sissyl in the lair of the Nameless One…while they bargain for the fate of all of ATLAND! The beginning of the final act is upon us!