Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Atland #252 - The Avatar, Pt. 2

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that you can’t count on a demon. It’s amazing that the agreement between the Nameless One and the priestesses of Ria has lasted as long as it has – but then again, what’s a few hundred centuries to a greater demon.
Now’s a good time to talk about demons in ATLAND. I’ve decieded there are two kinds:
Greater Demons – There are only 13 of these. Monstrously powerful non-human supernatural forces. These are like forces of nature of evil-dom. They strike terror in even the worst of the living and non-living. The Nameless One is the first of the 13, as was stated last episode.
They are, by name:

The Nameless One
Braxx, the Fathomless Black (Minotaur)
Zibzibog of the Underworld (You’ve seen this guy!)
Orrrg, the Deepest Bowel
Belora of Blood (Gnome)
Tyugg, the Endless Scream
Yizzaz, Twister of Souls (Elven)
CorpseEater (Dwarven)
Skronk of Fire (Orc)
Wixwill the Oozing Waste (Pixie)
Poxuz, the InsideOut
Jaydrax, the Thousand Horns
Sodemn, the Splendid Agony

Lesser Demons – There are 666 of these. (Cuz I’m goofy like that.) They hold great supernatural power and influence, but not on the scale of the Greater Demons. They concern themselves with gathering human cults to do their bidding, and causing harm and chaos amongst the living. Sissyl is one of these.
And no, I’m not naming them.

Next week: Sissyl victorious?