Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Atland #251 - The Avatar, Pt. 1

I gotta say…it felt good to not have to draw snow after so many winter wilderness scenes. (In fact, it may never snow in ATLAND again after this story…)

So we rejoin Lily and Sissyl and you have your first look at the incarnation of the Nameless One. I figure he can take any shape he wishes – and a giant mass of writhing corpses seemed pretty impressive to me.

I came up with the idea of the Nameless One’s avatar on a whim. It was a creative solution to avoid having to letter a conversation in that HUGE typeface that I’d established for the full sized demon. When he speaks with smaller creatures, he sheds one of his corpses and speaks through it. I also thought it would be creepy as hell for anyone who had to have a conversation with him.

In other news, ATLAND now has an RSS feed! (Due to the kindness of strangers! Thanks, Matt!)

And I’ve removed ATLAND from DrunkDuck and a couple of other places. You will now only be able to get your ATLAND fix on the main site, on the Wizards of Ur blog, and on the front page of Blambot. Believe it or not, that's LESS than how many sites it appeared on before! I am cutting waaaay down on the places where I was displaying the comic. It was taking me an hour just to make sure things were getting updated all over the web every week.

Next week, Sissyl makes her offer to the Nameless One…a deal that may be too good to pass up.