Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Atland #219 - The Hare, Part 1

Drawing hundreds of footprints isn't much fun. I learned that with this episode.

But I also learned that I like drawing bunnies. Yay! Fuzzy (evil!!!) bunny! I discovered the best way to make a cute bunny look evil is to give it canine features. Throwing a little bit of "wolf" into its features in the last panel seemed to work best.

I decided to put Bruce's tracking skills to good use. (lest we forget he is a outdoorsman/barbarian type.) And there's a little explanation about Horn Heads and even General Bron's race, the Simians. Sometimes it's hard to inform the readers when I have so many characters running around in the middle of a story, but I try to at least make it logical.

Next week, The hare part 2 -- Nodd & the demon Sissyl's REAL plan suddenly isn't a secret...


  1. I'm digging the slow build.

  2. Those glowing red bunny eyes are making me think of the garden gnomes in 'Wallace & Gromit & the Curse of the WereRabbit'. Do they flash on and off while making a buzzing sound?

  3. Nice job on the evil rabbit. And I really like the peppering of information in this one. Not over the top, not under the top. Just right.