Monday, February 16, 2009


I have been a busy, busy little camper lately. I managed to finish up the Mill Girl book for Megacon in Orlando as well as working on a website for my self-publishing imprint. I'll have more on that in a day or two. I decided today that I would just doodle something for no reason whatsoever. My subconscious presents to you the lovely Leeloo from one of my favorite movies of all time, The Fifth Element. I'm not sure that you can get a more Moebius inspired film and it doesn't hurt that I have a major "thing" for Milla Jovovich either. The movie Ultraviolet hurts my brain but I'll watch it everytime for a Milla Jovovich fix.

Play Nice!


  1. Awesome. That definitely was the most 'Heavy Metal'-ish of any non-animated movie I've seen,

  2. Nice work Anthony! I'd love to see more Fifth Element stuff!

  3. Coolness. You even captured her "I need a McMeal" physique. Hah!

    It was a cool movie. Visually exciting.