Saturday, February 28, 2009

Work Work Work

I'm sure many of you are sweating bullets wondering why on earth I haven't updated Zyn Dweomer this week. Fear not, my dear friends. I offer up this tiny slice to prove that there is indeed a page 21 on my screen:

And even more evidence is presented with this handy dandy screenshot:

Work (you know...that thing that pays the bills) is literally killing me this week. Overtime. Even today, sacred and sacrosanct Saturday, has been violated with work's rotten taint. I must go in and handle inventory. Blech.

Anyway, I'll have the new page up this weekend and get back on track for this Wednesday's update.


  1. Work Shmurk -- you need to get yourself laid-off like the rest of us. I mean think of it: here we poor jobless folks are with nothing better to do with our time than sit around waiting for you to update your darn comics -- show some consideration why don't you?!

  2. I apologize to my kind and fellow Wizard. I am snapping to it right now in the wee hours!