Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Upcoming character - found in the mysterious sketchbook of Bill!

Was doing some quick, rough sketching as a break during my nightly work, literally only moments ago from this very post, and created a whole lil' storyline based on this husky barbarian dude to the right, "Kruul." Look for him soon. :-)

Ah, the tales of mystery & wonder that bellow forth from within the hidden, blank-paged depths of the magic tome known only as "The Sketchbook," singing their distant elven songs of goodness upon thine soul like a beacon of newly-minted sunshine shamelessly licking the face of your imagination!

- D


  1. Cool sketches!
    I just love a good sketch book

  2. You can't go wrong if you've got a husky barbarian.

  3. Especially when the cranium is smaller than the chin!