Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Atland #220 - The Hare, Part 2

I drew this episode sitting next to a window in my office because the power was out right after a snowstorm. No heat in the house either, come to think of it. I totally needed to Google a picture of a rabbit running away and with no power, there was no internet -- so I totally faked the rabbit running away panel.

Next week, Nodd and General Bron finally have it out...


  1. That's how evil, possessed rabbits run away. Nailed it! :)

    I'm loving these latest episodes man!

  2. Bunnies are definitely evil.

    Nice job, Nate. Bunny anatomy is funky cold mojo. Big feet, cotton tails, ears...they have a lot of those exaggerated and endearing features that make them immediate targets for cartoonizationism.