Friday, March 7, 2008

Atland Nominated for 3 WebCartoonists Choice Awards

ATLAND has been nominated for 3 Web Cartoonists Choice Awards:

Outstanding Website Design
Outstanding Environment Design
Outstanding Layout

The results will be revealed tomorrow (Sat. the 8th) at MegaCon and on the website.



  1. First...welcome to fold Nate.
    Second...congrats on the nominations and I'm proud to say that I've been an enthusiastic supporter of Atland since day one!

    Here's to non-stick figure webcomics!
    Reward the work people!

  2. Yeah, many warm welcomes and bloodthirsty yawps, Nate!

    And congrats on the nominations. You definitely deserve it. You have a beautiful website and a wonderful webcomic.

  3. Welcome Nate!! It's great that Atland's doing so well.

    It's such a thrill to be here with you three guys whose work has been such an inspiration to me over the years.

    Nate & I traded zines way way back in 96 or 97 I think, not long after I first began to take Pewfell online in any significant way. Nate was ahead of the curve back then and he still is!

  4. Ah, zines. I remember those glorious days of yesteryear stealing office copier supplies (including the copier) to make rude little pamphlets of comicus doomicus.