Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ModernTales/Webcomicsnation/ComixSpace merger

Today I was asked to make this new banner graphic for Pewfell as part of the promotion of the highly anticipated ModernTales/Webcomicsnation/ComixSpace merger & relaunch. I spoke to Joey Manley a bit about it at Wondercon -- I really got the feeling that this is going to take webcomics to the next level -- and hopefully broaden their readership in general. I've been on board the ModernTales Express since the beginning, and even though it has sometimes felt like the stopping train to Winchfield, Joey has always kept it on the rails, stuck to his vision and made it all happen as planned.

What with that and the founding of Wizards of Ur I am bouncing off the walls!


  1. Chuck, I love your colors. Do you use a tablet? I suck at digital colors. I can do flat stuff ok, but when it comes to adding depth and value I'm just not that experienced.

    The banner is great.

  2. I do use a wacom tablet, and usually the paintbrush tool with a hard edge and pressure sensitive opacity (as opposed to the airbrush tool) as it does give a more naturalistic feel.

    I fill it first with flat color using the pencil tool and paint bucket, and save a copy of that layer to use for selecting color areas when painting. It would all be so much easier with a Cintiq though!

  3. I'm not famiiar with Cintiq...

    I need to get me a tablet.

  4. Cintiq --- mmmm it's a nice little piece of technology. I saw one in action at Wondercon:


    basically it's a screen you draw on with the sensitivity of a tablet...