Friday, March 7, 2008

"Echoes" page one

As promised, here is the latest Pan-Gea tale dished out a page a day. Written by Cyd Clark-Praxis, doodled by me.

In this tale, we meet another Gean from the old days. For those not familiar with the story, Gea was the Isle of the Goddess (who some call Nest, the Moon). Gea was destroyed by the God (Seer, the Sun) out of rage and indignation, along with Nest herself. The Geans were daughters of the Goddess, powerful and beautiful and pure. Most of them perished that day but some survived. One thousand years later they are beginning to find each other.

This is one of their stories.


  1. Damn James...that's very sweet!
    I have to tell you man, don't ever stop coloring by hand, and I mean EVER!
    This makes me want to shed tears of joy, and it's only page one.

  2. I appreciate that! I marvel at the ability of you folks to do great digital coloring so I'm always amazed that people dig my old funky marker work.

  3. It always blows me away how you are able to create so much mood and atmosphere with so few lines!

  4. Well, I'm basically lazy. So I say to myself "James, how are you going to make this thing look cool without actually putting any work into it?"