Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pan-Gea: Echoes

Cydnee Clark-Praxis and I teamed up to do a short Pan-Gea tale for Ape Entertainment's Fablewood anthology, volume two. Since that project is shelved, I'd like to share this story here starting tomorrow. Here are some sketches and images from the comic:


  1. Very cool, James.
    So by "shelved" do you mean that there will be no Fablewood Volume 2?

  2. I really dig Pan-Gea. Seven Arrows must see print!!

  3. The folks at Ape are super cool. I've been lax in pushing the project, which is all on me.

    I still hope to get it into print, but we'll see about it later I suppose.

  4. Fablewood looks like a cool project. It looks a little similar in concept to a book I bought at APE (Alternative Press Expo APE, that it) last year called ELFWORLD. It was a little toung-in-cheek, but it was cool:

  5. Alvaro ilustrador!!

    Gran sitio, me gusta mucho ver tu linea de dibujo.

    Congratulations , i like your lineart....very stilized.

    Visit my draws

  6. Gracias, Alvaro! Me gusta mucho tu dibujo tambien!

    I hope I just said I like your artwork too.

    Great job on the Warner Bros characters.