Thursday, March 6, 2008

ELF `n TROLL issue 10

This is the cover to ELF `n TROLL issue 10. This issue will wrap up volume one of the series and my longest stint on one project. I need a nap.

Play nice.


  1. I'd say some wise person needs to publish a coffee table book of nothing but Bode-esque artists. That would be one big, thick magnum-opus of a book.

  2. I would certainly hope so.
    Speaking of...I love your work Les.

    Dig them girls with curves!

  3. Les! Nice of you to pop in. You rock, my friend.

    Tony, sweet, sweet cover.

    I'm up for a coffee table book of like-minded artists...

  4. *sigh* I remember reading the first episodes of Elf 'n Troll like it was just yesterday! Congratulations on making it into the masterpiece it is -- now get to work on that coffee table book!