Monday, March 10, 2008

Gnash Gnaw Slaver Jibber Drool

While I've been gnawing at my proverbial legbone you guys have been kicking my ass at this posting thing! Well this weekend I've been pretty busy with the old fam-damily stuff. What with sorting out camps for the little nipper at Mayor Gavin Newsom's SF Families Summer Resource Faire, getting my brother-in-law to install a new dining room light fixture/flying saucer thing that Tina (yes, that is my wife's name) bought for a bargain $250 (!), attending a pancake breakfast at the school this morning and then entertaining his little majesty all day while Tina went off to a jewelery fair (ka-ching $$$) I 'ain't gotten a whole lot done... Well, OK, I did do this:

A new panel in part of my on-going upgrades to Pewfell Vol 4. Doing the strip as a 3/4 panel daily I just didn't have the time or the room for things like vast armies of chaos swarming through the city's streets. I'm not sure if it adds anything to the joke, but it certainly adds to the spectacle. Like all of Vol 4 it will eventually be colored, but it'll be another couple of months before this one actually airs.

Certainly it's one of the most ambitious panels I've attempted to date.


  1. it's a panel that would make Palnik and Aragones proud, sir. Nothing like a good swarm of chaos creatures.

    Our little tyke slept over at Granny's last night. We watched DVDs and ate decadent food.

    I dreamed of catgirls all night for some reason. Now I have to do something with that.

    As far as the page goes, I think it is great. I'm sure the joke is just as sound without the swarm image, but the panel adds a lot of visual punch. It's part of Whelon's World, well worth the effort.

  2. I was thinking that it reminded me of Aragones as well, but also of Stan Sakai. Lots of stuff going on. A treat for the eye :)

  3. Dude! LOL That's all I have to say.