Friday, March 21, 2008

"Echoes" page eleven


  1. Nice "swooping" layout and action. It doesn't seem to matter what you put on a page, it just comes off, for me, like you're having some fun, dude.

  2. It's got a great 'flow' to it.
    Great linework...and, of course, the coloring...ahh, yes...that razzle dazzle coloring!

  3. I always have fun when I'm drawing comics!

    I worry about story flow, but's all about the process for me. When I was working on Seven Arrows I only had a vague notion of what was to go on a page. Especially towards the end of the story. The fight scenes are always a great deal of fun for me because I love doing "poetic" layouts and letting the little details fall into the flow...the pat of feet, the CHU of chopping flesh, the u-ugh of pain...I like that sort of thing.

    In fact...I was hoping to do the next Pan-Gea story as an all silent one. Just lots and lots of sound FX but no dialog whatsoever.

    Wouldn't that be a hoot?