Saturday, March 8, 2008

In Company of Wolves

You know, with guys like these surrounding me I could get a case of the ole stage fright pretty quickly. Honestly, have you looked at the work these guys do? It’s incredible. The art of cartooning is alive and evil in the hands of Piekos, Furtado, and Whelon. I shit you not.

Clean lines, clean colors, dirty jokes…it’s all there. I was looking at Tony’s Transient again today and remember how blown away I was the first time I saw it. It was like looking at movie stills from Heavy Metal. I remember back when I was a total web nookie-sucking newbie and there was this awesome Pewfell comic that was so emblematic of what I love about fantasy. And then I stumble upon the bodacious bobbing beauty of Atland and I’m looking at the images and just shaking my head in amazement and appreciation.

And here we are in the same little mix, posting art, talking about comics, and being one with the a pack of wild beasts tearing at the meat of the eternal kill. And it’s all good.

Thanks guys.

(How many people got a mental picture of Chuck Whelon chewing on a raw leg bone?)

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