Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Dust Bunnies.

Here’s another penciled page from my (over 10 years old) sci-fi epic that I’ll probably never actually finish. I’m usually quite anal when it comes to organizing shit except when it comes to my art, which I treat like a red-headed step child. I may have even completed this epic and just don’t know it.

I keep half expecting that someday I'll have no projects or ideas and I'll be forced to complete this thing. Then again...maybe it's just all part of my master plan and when that bus with my number on it comes barreling down the street to finally finish the job...this will become my "Black Album". Hmmm.

If I have to explain that last part, you'll really see me cry.

Play nice.


  1. Or maybe you're just waiting for someone else to come along and ink & color it for you!? -- maybe you could put an ad on or something -- 'inker & colorist needed' :)

  2. I can't even afford to pay myself. I think the reason this will never see the light of day is that my artistic self refuses to work for free and is on strike against my business self. Slave labor `n all that shit, ya know? :)