Saturday, March 15, 2008

Up All Night...Makin' Comics

Mid-day nap (on vacation) and some late night coffee has me up quite past my wee little bedtime. So I started messing around with an idea that's been hovering dangerously over my brain for a long time now.

Been wanting to do a catgirl comic. So I am. I'm going with the landscape format because it looks nice on the screen. I actually drew this on 9x12 Paris Paper for Pens with a live area of something like 10.4x6.7 (hell, I don't know...I grabbed a copy of Elf 'n' Troll and used it to rule off my borders...that way I'm golden if I ever want to print this in a standard sized comic). If you've never used Paris Paper for Pens you are missing out on a sexual drawing experience. Now, bristol is the king, for sure. Sturdy and receptive and all that. But the Paris paper is smooth as a baby's butt. To quote that guy from the second Matrix flick "It's like wiping your ass with silk". The pen nibs and brush pens just sort of glide over it willingly and the ink kind of clings to the surface lovingly. And the surface is ultra bright white, which makes anything on it pop out.

There are drawbacks. It's 108 lb but can wrinkle up like a prune if you erase too hard. The fact that it has very little tooth means the ink doesn't seep in very much so when you erase you tend to lose some black. But the same is true of bristol if you're using PITTs or some other disposable.

Anyway, I think the strip is going to be called "Catgirl Mojo" because that sounds hip and cool and I already have the domain name. Most of it is still up in the air (I say that, but you should see all the notes and sketches I have piled up for this...characters, stories, world notes, the full monty). I finally decided that nudity would be kept to a minimum instead of having all the characters butt naked all the time. Still, how much is left to the imagination by a couple of nipple decorations? Funny. But cool.

Here are the pencils, followed by the inks. The colors will come later. Right now I'm in the middle of inking page two. And I'm going to bed, dammit.

Oh, here's a bit from the second page to titillate your interest:


  1. Looks good, James.
    I like your layouts and you still do a razzle dazzle job with coloring...

  2. Gracias! I live for the razzle dazzle.

  3. Nice stuff man. There's something to be said about making comics into the wee "magic hours" of the night.

  4. awesome start! I love nipple decorations. The landscape format is cool.

  5. I used to obsess over format. I worried about later printing, consistency, etc. But finally I had to just say screw it and go with my guts. That's why I do Zoa in "mini" format and why I started this one in landscape. Otherwise I'd spend weeks or months worrying about it and getting false starts.

    Yeah, I'm a damn weirdo.

  6. You're not weird, J.
    You just like to think 'outside the box'...nothin' wrong with that!
    Follow your 'gut instinct'...from what I've seen you create so far it hasn't led you down the wrong path yet!