Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another week, another Pewfell

Still being colored by me. The first one on this is a particular favorite of mine.


  1. I've been meaning to ask, but how are you enjoying doing Pewfell in this format?

    In the past I've resisted limited formats but recently I've come to appreciate them. Do you find it at all restricting?

  2. Well it was kind of an excercise. I wanted to do it as a newpaper style strip with a puncline at the end of each one. By the time I finished the story I really felt the need to bust out of the format. Hence this 'redux' edition. I am redrawing some of the strips or panels that just needed more space than a strip would allow. There are a lot more of them as the story progresses and bigger things start happening.

    Another reason I started the B/W strip format was because it was the only way I could keep the thing daily. I completed the story around the same time I started at Ogilvy, and that's when I dropped to a weekly schedule for Volume 5.

    I know Adam also found it much tougher to write gags to this format as well as carry the story forward. But in my earlier web strips it was always important to me to make each work on it's own, with a punchline at the end, but they were up to 6 panels each so it was a bit easier. With Vol 5. we were/are focusing on making each chapter of 10 pages or so self-contained.

    In general, though, I do find the constriction helps. It gives some structure to the humor, story and pacing. I often think it's all like a big jigsaw puzzle - I enjoy making all the pieces fit together in just the right way.

    It's also like writing poetry, rather than prose. I guess that means Volume 4 is like an Epic poem composed of Haiku verses! Yeah, right!