Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New artwork by Trav-
Working on a new series of artwork based on what happened to the fairy folk during world war I & II. I am really enjoying the freedom I have with this project.

the Mustard Beast
During the great war i had heard rumors that the forgotten folk fought on both sides. To the axis forces went the great gas elementals known as the mustard beasts. These creatures whose brains were protected by a metal helmet floated into the trenches and fields after heavy shelling and unleashed their deadly toxins. Killing and wounding many brave human souls.

After the war the govt cited that mustard gas was from shells themselves, but the men of the trenches knew better.

circa 1917 in france somewhere

Total work time on pencils and inks 1 hour 30 min: 8 x 10.5 inches colors took 1.5 hours as well.
more information to come on this project.

I like the color version so much better:)


  1. Interesting concept, a sweet looking image; I can't wait to see it develop!

  2. Cool - interesting to see a much darker side your work. World Wars and fairy folk is a heady mix, great concept & execution.

  3. I love it -- but the metal mask doesn't work for me for some reason. I think it would be much scarier if the face of the thing were some hideous, malformed smoke shape. Something invoking the victims its had. Mouth open, trying to suck air like a dying fish. Corded neck...agony...

    I guess it would seem more real. Otherwise I'm left wondering, where did it get a mask like that?

  4. hey guys- thanks- I'll post more stuff soon about this. I think though the color really helps strengthen this piece though- especially the floating helmet.

    the way this creature is set up the helmet protects it's brain and eyes and skull - which are not gas from bullet fire:) i wanted to merge tech with fantasy a little.

  5. I can see Nate's point, from a certain perspective but, I like the mask. it adds a certain "outlandish" quality to the scene which almost always attracts me to a piece.

  6. The color makes all the difference -- now it's more like a floating mask with all the gas emmanating from behind it - excellent.