Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ELF `n TROLL #177


  1. it looks really good- i really have enjoyed how you are working with backgrounds and such. Fantastic work - and i am looking forward to seeing more.

    only suggestion is to limit the crosshatch even more you have such nice linework and shadows there that the cross hatch almost seems out of place. This is just a personal opinion though:) I know you will do what fits best for you.

  2. Panel 3 is my fav. Love the hair


  3. thugs like to noodle when they doodle.

    nuff said.

  4. I completely agree with you Travis. I wish that I had more self-control to keep my work cleaner. I have such a natural drive to doodle and add texture that I sometimes just zone-out and go too far. it sounds crazy but it's the absolute truth. (Mr. Courts can certainly attest to this.) I can't even count the amount of work that sits in my drawers and hidden away where I felt like I went too far. You'll have to wait until that bus with my number nails me before anyone gets to see that. LOL
    This is one of the things I admire about creators such as Jeff Smith and yourself, Mr. Hanson.I truly admire the ability to know when enough is enough.

    Thanks for the comments guys. :)

  5. To hatch or not to hatch, that is the question. Maybe it would work best not to cross-hatch, but instead just to hatch? I used to do a lot more cross-hatching, but then went all the way off it. Now I am starting to do it a bit more again.

  6. I'm blown away by this. Especially the forest...that's a freaking nice forest.