Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Colors on Old Babe

Sean Loftiss lays some color to this drawing I did a while back. The drawing itself was inspired by a photo image and a little bit of the ole Trollbabe.

I think it's really neat to see something you did reinvented by someone else. I mean, when I drew this I had no colors in mind at all. I kind of thought maybe on some deep, deep mental plane that she was going to be fair skinned and red headed but come on...that's just a given. I married one like that! Seeing Sean's totally different take on it is both exciting and fascinating to me.


  1. Totally my own opinion, but I really dislike airbrush artwork on cartoony art. Two styles that just don't marry well.

    That said, I like your line art.

    ~N (The bad guy)

  2. Well, I appreciate that honesty Nate. And I generally agree with you on it. Handled poorly, airbrush work on line art can be very bad. I think the glut of low-quality webcomics work bursting forth from the late 90s onward proves that.

    I think Sean pulls it off very nicely, though. I'd like to see him work on something without crisp lines, let his softer style shine through.

  3. "~N (The bad guy)"
    LMAO I needed that.

    I have to agree with Nasty-Nate on this one. I think it looks fine but, I'm not a huge fan of the airbrush either. That said, I'm happy to see some babes back on the blog!