Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Wizards of Ur - Page 1

So this is page 1 of my little 6 page story about a Wizard of Ur. Story by myself & Adam (The Prankster) Prosser, script by The Pro, art by me. It will be highly colored when done, but I'm not sure who'll be doing that yet. As we discussed this is not about world-building or anything, just a little story I wanted to do, inspired by the name of our group:


  1. Cool! (Dirty hippies...)

    As a side note, the crossbar "I" should be used only for the personal pronoun, "I" (As in, I hate dirty hippies.) all other I's should be the non-crossbar kind in comics lettering.)

    And that's one to grow on! (La la laaaa!)


  2. Whoa, like, you totally need to get off the buttoned-down plastic-fantastic scene, man. Just feed your head, you dig? Hippies are your friends, man. Anyway, this scene is like, pro-flower power and anti-glower power, Jack Bauer.

    Looking good, Chuck. I could take a whack at colouring it if you'd like?

  3. Fuh-shwweeeet!

    This makes me want to quit my job and hitch a ride out west.

    Are you going to San Francisco?

    I like the organic word balloons.

    It's funny Nate mentioned the "I" thing. I'm a notorious learn-as-you-fuck-up kind of guy. When I letter by hand (which 98% of the time, much to the dismay of my loyal and ravenous fans) I'm aware that the "I" that starts a word should have the ole eye-beam and all others should not. This is gut level stuff, so I must be on the right track. Of course, as Nate points out, it is really only the personal pronoun "I" that gets the full monty.

    Interesting. And cool. Nice work, Chuck.

  4. As a point of criticism: Orvil's head looks small in panel 2. Or his neck is thick.

    The trees are fantastic and so is the Frank Thorne chick. Your work reminds me of the Smurfs. In a good way.

  5. Chuck....I freakin' love this man!!!

  6. Thanks guys. I've got the whole thing sketched out already, and I think it's going to turn out great.

    Orvil is supposed to have a thick neck. He's not your typical weedy wizard, he's Ur baby!! But maybe you're right, perhaps the head should be just a smidge larger. Also I'm not 100% happy with how her head turned out in panel 2 - I might take a second stab at that before I'm done.

    Peyo is definitely an influence, as is Uderzo. A big part of the reason I got into drawing comics is Gilbert Shelton who I think you can clearly see is an influence here too.

    Thanks for pointing out about the "I", Nate, it was late and I guess I got a bit sloppy. My wife is always on at me about my lazy proofing - I've just never been much of a gud spuller.

    It's actually really great to get some decent feedback and crtiquing right off the bat.

    Adam, I'd be happy for you to have a whack at coloring if you like. I'll be in touch with you by email about it.