Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wizards of Ur, Page 4


  1. Holy crap, that page looks neat! :)

    Great work.


  2. Chuck I'm floored! This is awesome as hell. I love the whole clash of cultures thing going on!

    You just earned another star on your uniform in my book.

  3. Wait...I meant another star on your wizard's hat!

  4. Heh, thanks guys. After Adam's initial explosion of ideas I had a pretty good & specific idea about the story I wanted to do, which was a little different from his initial conception, but not a million miles away. Adam did a great job of ratcheting the story up a few notches and writing a really nice tight little script that perfectly captured what I wanted to say.

    I've been working with Adam for quite a few years now. I find I usually get the results I am happiest with if I have a lot of input in the 'story' part of the process. When he first started working on Pewfell I would just let him do whatever he wanted, but I found things would veer off on tangents too much, and things tended to get a little bit 'super-wacky'. I prefer to keep a more logical approach to the humor, he is a little more Looney Tunes. As a result I think the first book of Pewfell Volume 4 is uneven.

    After a while I realized that in order for me to stay fully engaged in the drawing I needed to be very definite about the story we were telling. Adam is excellent at taking my basic ingredients (i.e. outline and typically heavy-handed dialog) and really whipping them up into something much more delicious. I feel like I do better work because I really believe in the material that much more.