Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nate Inks Inky from ATLAND!


  1. Geeze, weren't kidding about going heavy on the lead! :) Great stuff, Nate.
    You've convinced me to give the Copic's a go-around.

  2. nice videos. always love seeing good line going down :)

    copics are on my list to try as well. especially since my cats destroyed my wacom pen

  3. I bought a Copic brush a few weeks ago. I've inked 5 comic pages with it so far and I really dig it. But the verdict isn't totally in yet. I still find the PITT brush pens to have a more resilient, firmer tip. The Copic tip seemed to wear down pretty quickly from it's nice pointy virgin state.

    But the Copic has lots of upsides. Good ink, nicer feel, more pliable brush tip, refillable.

  4. nice work nate-

    i'm a vellum man myself, no erasing needed:)