Friday, April 11, 2008

Live Interview 4/12/08

The live internet interview I was supposed to do last weekend got rescheduled due to technical difficulties. So...

Tomorrow at 2PM ET, I'll be interviewed live at

Tune in, won't you?



  1. Will it be archived anywhere, or do we have to catch it live?

  2. Yeah, it'll be posted on NeenerNeener.Net by Monday, complete w/ timestamps so you can skip to the important parts. ;)

  3. Cool, but I'll try to tune in live anyway.

  4. Nice job, Nate! Cheers.

  5. Good job man - I just caught the broadcast, you came off sounding very profeshnial and likeable (not sure how you managed to pull that off!). You fielded their questions and jibes really well.

    Unfortunately I only realized about 10 minutes into it that it was East-coast time, but I tuned in in time to hear you plugging this blog -- thanks for the props!

    Those guys have great radio voices and it's a real fun show - even though they are now talking about cats' butts. It's that South Park 'Heavy Metal' show all over again!

    The sound stream came through a bit choppy for me, but that's probably my internet connection acting all cruddy. I'll listen to it again once it's archived.

  6. Damn! Missed it. But I'll grab it now.