Friday, April 11, 2008

Faboulous Furry Freak Brothers Movie

From Mr. Furtado's comment on my post below I had to find out more about the Feak Brothers Movie. I thought maybe he was just kidding or else it was some product of his deranged imagination, but apparently it is actually in the works:

From this clip it looks like the sets & characters are pretty much spot on, thought There's something not quite right about the hair, especially on Phineas.


  1. Mr. Whelon, I actually wasn't aware of this.
    I remember Shelton use to run ads on the back (or insides) of some Freak Bro's comics looking for someone to jump in and make a film. I think it became a sort of running, (frustrating,I'm sure), gag. But, my memory isn't all that it's cracked up to be anymore...loss of braincells and shit. (I'm preaching to the choir) Anyway...nice grab, Wizard Whelon. That was a nice surprise. now if they would only get going on some Vaughn Bode' documentary or feature, or something. I can't believe no one has tapped into his world yet. Rumors of a Cobalt 60 flick still linger, though.

  2. While I WAS a huge fan of the deviant sex comics like R Crumb and WEIRDO magazine...I never got into the drug comics. And this sample doesn't do anything for me. :/


  3. Artistically Crumb is certainly superior, but for genuine laugh-out-loud humour I've not read much that tops Shelton & Mavrides. It would be a shame to dismiss them on the basis of this little movie clip oddity or because of the 'druggy' nature of the strip - there's far more to it than that.

    There's not a lot of the comics online, here's one quite funny strip I found, which actually I'd never seen before:

  4. Oh how I miss the Underground. :(