Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ELF `n TROLL #180


  1. talk about clean- i really think you nailed it on design and style. I like how much more clean this is compared to your other work. I would hope that the colors would keep the simpleness of your lines as well.

    Great job-

  2. As I look at this page from a different perspective, you're right, it is pretty damn clean! I must've had the little Travis Hanson gremlin on my shoulder screaming in my ear, "Enough!, Enough!". :)
    Confession time:
    The flashback sequence in this story was a stand -alone tale originally done for the Fablewood Anthology from Ape Entertainment, which I had to drop out of due to deadlines. Thus, the slight differences in the art.
    I feel dirty now.

  3. don't feel dirty man- i understand- :) use this as an example then for future pieces.

    and watch out for my gremlins